Print on Demand

Why you should start selling on Bonfire

What is Bonfire?

Bonfire is a marketplace and print on demand platform that specializes in selling high quality items with your design on them. The company was founded in 2013 and started off focusing on fundraising by selling T-shirts. Since then they have expanded and print on a wide variety of products and added the option to sell for profit. Bonfire is based out of Richmond, Virginia but ships to the whole world at a reasonable cost.

What makes them special?

Great product quality

Bonfire uses a variety of T-shirts from different manufacturers, many you’ve probably already heard of like Bella+Canvas, Next Level and Gildan. These brands are tried and true and are always customer favorites. Print quality is also on point and won’t disappoint. They are definitely in the lead when it comes to direct-to-garment (DTG) print quality compared to many other platforms.

Smooth user experience

If you’ve already sold designs on other print on demand marketplaces you’ll know that the user experience or interface makes a big difference. Slow uploads, having to wait for the page to load after every change you make and many other factors can make creating products a slow and tedious process. Bonfire is very different and every change is instant. You can really tell that this is not just a marketplace, but a tech company as well. They have by far the best user interface we’ve experienced.

Online design tool

That’s right, Bonfire has an online design tool and it’s not bad at all as you would usually expect. So if you’re lacking on design software or just want to churn out a quick design, this is your place. The text tool has many unique fonts and is smooth and easy to use. It also comes preloaded with tons of graphics and even has layers.

Screenshot of the design tool

Customer Service

Speaking from experience, Bonfire has great customer service and are very responsive to any issues you might have. Just check out their page on Trustpilot and see for yourself. Customer service is easily overlooked but becomes a huge problem if it’s lacking when you finally need them. If an order doesn’t arrive on time it is very important that it gets handled quickly so that for example a replacement item can be sent out asap. Normally when dealing with print on demand, exchanging an item is usually hard because it is custom, but Bonfire has proven to bear the cost and exchanging items when necessary. Big plus in our book.